Art > Birds crossing borders

2018 multidisciplinary installation, including sound, video, water, Plexiglas, wood, pigment, and latex.
Birds Crossing Borders is based on collected stories of the participants primarily from displaced Syrian communities to create a site-specific sound and installation. The interdisciplinary installation includes stories of refuges while crossing borders. The project is a conceptual reflection on the displaced movement and the process of belonging to one’s home; it is to examine the processes of feeling at home and integration. This is a reflection on the connectedness of human movement, but also on the feeling of displacement in relation to a new land and new people. A question will be tested here: How will the host society own the collective memory and generate the sense of understating? How will it grow more familiar with the newcomer? This moment of connection is when the acceptance or at least their real image of these refugees is imagined.

We acknowledge Canada Council for the Arts support