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Quand vous réveillez les esprits, When spirits awaken, 2012-2015, performative video&installation includes: recycled clothes, threads, The 18th Biennale of Sydney, Cockatoo Island, Australia,2012
& Gallery 101, Ottawa.

1)installation of a sculpted pregnant woman’s body. Her breast milk appears to flood the space and create, behind her, a body shape formed by recycled clothes and woven threads. 2) Video- performance, in which I stand to squeeze my breasts. Instead of milk, sand falls creating a light dust until my breasts are empty. In this work, I pay homage to mothers who experienced the loss of their loved ones. However, it is important that women of my generation use our voices to reverse the cycle of past generations who were raised to believe that sacrifice through violence was positive act.

When Spirits awaken
multimedia installation, textile, fiberglass, resine, perfromance documentation